Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Calendar: March

March forth and grab your own sallie kate march desktop calendar. 

You'll have the dazzling color combo of gray and yellow to greet you each day.  I mean, really, who's not looking at their computer every day?

Click the image to enlarge it, then save it to your desktop from there. 

I completely forgot Leap Day...sorry if your February s k calendar led you astray...{Hi, Allison!}

And be honest. Does it kill you that I make you rearrange your desktop icons each month?? :)

love and joy
s k 

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Valentine flowers

My sweetie picked out some charming flowers for me on our Whole Foods Valentine's date. 
Bonus: Getting to arrange them in some vases at home to enjoy for a couple of weeks.

I love flowers.

We sure enjoyed these beauties for 2 whole weeks.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Planning & Sketch-painting

I'm overjoyed to have an opportunity to paint two expressive and colorful pieces for my interior designer's client-friend. It's a great challenge!

Concept: abstract but loosely containing tree forms, expressive, not timid in color, fitting for a trying-to-step-a-little-bit-away-from-traditional family room.

24" x 48" x 2"deep canvases, acrylic paint

Some general composition planning.

Sketching and picking colors

Almost there
And with those last touches of deeper grey, our test-run is complete.

Stay tuned for the {large and in-charge} full-sized version. 


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