Monday, March 24, 2014

Cutest proposal idea :: The Bebez Book

Friend and creative genius Bryan proposed to his darling lady Robbi with the most precious and clever idea of writing her a children's story. The two of them as kids... with Robbi's beloved lab, Marti as a pup. Each page is centered around a letter of the alphabet, describing what she means to him and it's just one adorable adventure with lots of personal flair. Of course, when we get to the W page, she was in for a huge surprise as he asked her to be his wife in the exact location as illustrated. (Marti was tied to the bench and he even had a plaid shirt on!)

Bryan came up with every single detail in each scene, so I had a blast just helping his funny vignettes come to life. It was my huge honor to get to be part of this project! Way to set the bar high for all the single men left in the universe :)

Sketched in pencil, digitally colored up, printed through Blurb. 7 x 7 square.
(Click to view on Flickr.)


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