Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Purple Praise

Crisp, cool, stratified purple cabbage.
So uniquely designed by him. Every good and perfect [purple, delicious] gift comes from him.

Deep red-violet, juicy, sweet plums.
He is the vine, I am a tiny branch. As I hang onto him and receive nourishment I can bear fruit. May my fruit bring my Vine glory.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

focal point

abstract painting: when colors that float around in my
head are squeezed out of tubes to meet canvas and are
shoved around by choice bristles until their end position
allows me to rest; something i do to challenge my right
brain to take the reins--and the small analytical portion
that remains to turn off
IMG_2495are you up for that sort of exercise? it's therapeutic once you get going.

a gift for my great parents. above the mantle that the
whole room has gathered around all of my life.

now a focal part of their beautiful, cozy home

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Monthity month

My hubby said my sweet friend mentioned it was time for a new post. I know. It is.

( My laptop got sick and I had to work work work. )

Here she is.
We celebrated her wedding and then celebrated the gorgeous flower arrangement that their family gave us to take home and enjoy. What a treat.
When life gives you Lemons, Hydrangeas, Mississippians & English folks that gather in Texas around a couple in L-o-v-e ...

Why not make lemonade? :)

Happy for you, Mrs. Walton!


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