Monday, February 25, 2013

Smoochin' Contest

Just for kicks (and maybe, well, the lure of possible prize$...) hubby and I created some kiss photos (complete with bad Photoshopping) for the marriage conference we were part of last weekend. (Amazing! You can and should catch some of the audio.)
So 3000 people were encouraged to send in creative kissing photos. Sounds like a great idea!

These were tons of fun, so I thought I'd share them and add them to my portfolio to pull down my serious post average.

These are all Uncommon kisses you may not have heard of but we thought you should try:

The Upside-down Spider Man

The Navy Seaman
A jubilant American sailor clutching a w

The Conference

The Oscar-worthy

The Meatball Special
Meatball Special_us

The Mona Lisa

The 007

and my favorite,
The I'll Never Let Go
Titanic kiss_us

May your marriage be enriched by these gems ;)


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