Thursday, May 13, 2010

before & after: painted kitchen cabinets

Here is our kitchen before it was our kitchen.
(wallpaper removal and paint is another story)

My valiant and patient husband and I did nothing but paint (not even work *gasp*) for a week...brushed and eventually sprayed both sides of 17 doors and 15 drawers....and asked each other often, "Whose idea was this?"

Behold, the fruit of our labor of love: clean, white cabinets with hardware! We are so pleased and have enjoyed the light, brightness of our often frequented spot for us.
(there's my partner in crime)

What do you think?


Emmy's Poppa said...

Hey! I remember picture #1!!! What a wonderful transformation to #3 & 5!

Isn't it fun to make changes that make a house "your" house ... your home???!!!

Proud of you both!

Tess Carter said...

ooooh!!! looks FABULOUS!! Congrats on a fantastic job- and the hardware is awesome as well!!

Sam Soul said...

they look gorgeous! well done, deans :)

Jennifer said...

Beautiful! :o)


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