Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Monthity month

My hubby said my sweet friend mentioned it was time for a new post. I know. It is.

( My laptop got sick and I had to work work work. )

Here she is.
We celebrated her wedding and then celebrated the gorgeous flower arrangement that their family gave us to take home and enjoy. What a treat.
When life gives you Lemons, Hydrangeas, Mississippians & English folks that gather in Texas around a couple in L-o-v-e ...

Why not make lemonade? :)

Happy for you, Mrs. Walton!


Teri Dufilho said...

well, salliekate, i've been waiting for you to post a new one!.....i'm a loyal fan and how i love your pictures and posts! bring color and pizzaz and creativity to blogdom!!

Sam Walton said...

yay!! my favorite blogger has returned :)

thanks for the pic and sweet comments. you are such a joy, sal!

Marita said...

salliekate, you inspire me to tap into inner creativity and write about life and love myself! you are precious. such a joy to meet you and your great friends! thanks, marita


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