Friday, September 17, 2010

Seven Blooms

My grandmother has grown orchids for years in the greenhouse attached to their living room. Yes, it's cool. She nurtures and tends her plants with great care, not missing when one of them opens a new bloom or when a little frog pays a visit.
Well, she gave us a beautiful deep violet orchid to care for--I mean, it feels like I've adopted one of her children. After heeding her careful instructions, we have seven blooms to enjoy!

Mar, thanks for sharing the work of your green thumb.
They are so delicate. And picky. She said they are so sensitive to their environment, if you move them to a different spot in the room, they sometimes die. Needless to say, we have let this plant rule the roost atop our kitchen table. Fun to watch it bloom.


susan said...

Wow! what a beauty! Uh-oh, don't tell Mar, but mine's not doing quite as well.

Teri Dufilho said...

oh, that Mar!!!.......she does inspire us all to love those orchids for their rare beauty and unique-ness in the plant world!......those are so pretty sallie, and i love your close-ups!


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