Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas Trees

We're feeling very festive with our decorations out, Christmas tunes on, and our Christmas trees lit.

Yep, Christmas trees. Uh huh...two of them. :)

Well....because we have lots of ornaments--my sweetie's mom has collected ornaments for him each year of his life and has lashived lots of Christmas decor love on us. Cool, huh.

And because I have always thought it was so pretty to see a tree twinkling in the front window from the street. And to have one to enjoy in your main living area.

So, we decided to have two. One traditional and cozy in the front.
With sweet, sentimental ornaments.
And some fun ones that represent the things we like.

And one casual, cute and a little unique--not too typical. Like us.
A friend commented, "Oh, so like a mullet."
...I raised an eyebrow...
"You know. Business in the front--party in the back."
Yep, exactly. We love our arrangement!
It definitely makes us smile.

And I didn't even think about how it would be a happy companion to our homemade roman shades.

What do you think? Are we crazy?! :)
Happy decorating!!


Emmy's Poppa said...

So festive!!! "Fa la la la lah!!!"

Erica said...


Leah Combs said...

So fun! I think its awesome that yall have 2 trees. And its always fun to have a funky one that gives character to the room and the rest of the house. So cute!

Teri Dufilho said...

no, you are not are FUN and COOL and CREATIVE!!! (and love that mullet comment!...hahaa).....we must come see you guys sometime and check out your digs for ourselves!!....your two trees are awesome!!

Stephanie said...

Oh my gosh, I LOVE your red tree! SO ADORABLE!!!!


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