Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Sewing: Crash Course

Well, it's a new year (Happy New Year!) and I picked up a new skill.

Or at least I took myself through a crash course of sewing, with the 1956 Singer manual I pulled up online leading me delicately through each step. I'm now convinced we modern-day Americans have it easy with gadgets that practically work themselves...and are much more user-friendly than the antiquity of a sewing machine I now call my own.


My great aunt was probably charmed into buying her 1956 Singer 99K by a commercial like this one:

And I inherited it!



So of course, I had to dream up a project. I had to put my Singer to use before I "lost my ever-loving mind."

Stay tuned for what I made :)


Sam {} said...

Can't wait to see!! Happy new year, sweet friend.

Pink Overalls said...

Good for you. The new machines may have bells and whistles, but there are more things to go wrong. Learning to sew is something you'll always be glad you did. Start with simple stuff, and hang in.

marita said...

Sallie Kate - I loved your sewing pictures and your new vintage Singer! It looks like my mother's! I just wrote this week about domestic skills and the awareness of a new generation to try cooking and sewing. You are - once again - cutting edge! :-) Marita

Maurie said...

Sallie, you look good on that sewing machine! :) One of my goals for 2011 is to learn how to have inspired me to start working on that goal NOW!


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