Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sunny Flowers

Oh, just here to share some eye candy that happens to be growing 
on 10' stalks in the backyard next door.

Here's the first day that was camera-worthy, ya know, when I was out there and noticed them and just had to snap some pictures. They are so interesting to me and I don't think I had seen any growing before--only in vase arrangements.

And then just a week later, the bees were a-swarmin' 
all around these babes. I love how happy they are.

Golly, I'm such a flower nut.  These aren't even 
our sunflowers and I post about them :)

I hope they make you smile today!


sallie kate said...

And then my mama reminds me of our drive through the fields of Tuscany...rows upon rows of sunflowers...
Oh yeah.

The view is different and somehow registered as a new experience. Silly me :)

Sam {} said...

GORGEOUS!! love the beautiful flowers and summery colors :)

Teri Dufilho said...

yep, they make me happy!..... sittin' here smilin' !!


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