Thursday, July 21, 2011

graphic design: Southern Harmony

A talented friend is part of The Women's Chorus of Dallas. Bam.

They are a non-profit group who serve the community by raising money through their performances. And with an upcoming concert by the Secret Sisters, she was charged with designing a logo for the event...and wanted some creative help. I was recruited.  

Here's her email:
Coming up in September, there will be a concert by the Secret Sisters (from what I understand, they are kind of country bluegrass) and all of the proceeds from the concert will be donated to TWCD.   So I have been tasked with designing a logo for the event. This logo will then be plastered all over the web, posters, mailers and most other media you can think of announcing the concert. 
 SOUTHERN HARMONY, a benefit for the Women's Chorus of Dallas

Um, right up my alley!  A few of us got together, brainstormed on:
Feminine, southern, bluegrass....and with the vintage, cute vibe on the Secret Sisters website....

 Here's what we came up with.


A little song bird on an old-timey Shure 55 Elvis Mic. Lots of fun. 


Sam {} said...

very cute!! nice work, little artist!

Marita said...

love your graphic!


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