Friday, October 28, 2011

The Chosen Pumpkin

I spent a good 15 minutes digging through the mound of decorative gourds at the grocery store.  I was examining all surfaces and carefully selecting the most unique one, of course. I imagined it sitting atop our table, daily reminding us of fall's arrival.

I finally narrowed my selection --passed up the wide, white Cinderella pumpkins, yellow squash-like gourds, and spotted petite green guys--and had the chosen pumpkin in hand, the one most interesting to me. 

As soon as I got home I placed it prominently in its position and waited to dazzle Caleb with my festive, perfect pumpkin. 
Minutes into his arrival, I hear him notice it. 

What I saw as charming and interesting and worthy of display, he saw as warty, ugly, and unappetizing.  It could be that the times we spend closest to it (admiring it...) are when we're eating :) Too funny.
We laugh a lot about our little pumpkin. (I think it's growing on him.) 

And I love that we each see the world through different eyes.  

Does anyone else find our pumpkin endearing? :)


Emmy's Poppa said...

LOL at this one, Sallie girl! Has happened many times to us. You know the old saying: "I say "tomato ... You say "tomahto"!!!

It's what makes the world go round. And makes life FUN! :)

Teri Dufilho said...

well, sallie dear, if i have to choose sides here, i think i fall on the side of your darlin' hubby on this one..... do i find your pumpkin endearing??.....well, uh, well, hmm, uh....i find YOU endearing, precious lady!!.....hahahahaha!.....that little punkin needs to "grow on me" a little bit, methinks..... ;) and, as always, love your posts!!


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