Friday, April 20, 2012

Sprout Shower

Two springs ago I designed this baby shower invitation to shower my sweet friend and her now-almost-two year old daughter. We didn't know yet that little Maddie was all sugar and spice and everything nice, so this was the neutral gender invitation. They called her "Sprout" up until they named her, so I wanted to work in that cute nickname since I thought it added character and personalized it for them.


I printed them at home (4 x 6) and glued them onto varying earth-toned shimmery pieces of cardstock so there was a border of color. 

Names and personal info are changed....In case you didn't read the part about it being a couple years ago and you try to crash the party :)

1 comment:

Erica said...

Cute!! I thought was a cute address! Hahaha. Guess it's fake!


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