Sunday, September 2, 2012

calendar: september

As soon as September hits, I have this expectation for cooler weather and celebratory fall colors to starting showing up. Maybe it's the ber at the end of the month's name [har har]

That's funny because it's 100 today :)
Happy September to you!

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Speaking of color, we will be doing some leaf-peeping in New England at the end of this month. Cant wait to see some beautiful colorful countryside.

What are you looking forward to in September?


Stephanie said...

Sallie I had NO idea you were so multifacetedly talented. I feel privileged to know you. :) Truly. I love how consistent your aesthetic is. <3

sallie kate said...

Steph, thanks. For your kind words, for how your life reflects your reckless obedience to your Love, and for just being so darn intriguing. And a whole lotta fun.
And with that, just imagine me inserting the ever-classy {poo} icon.

Emmy's Poppa said...

*What are you looking forward to in September?*

Seeing you & Hub!!! ;)


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