Monday, January 28, 2013

Candids: Sky

Looking through some of my phone pics and picking up on a theme here...

I'm a sky nut. Any hint of color, texture, moodiness going on in the sky and I feel the urge to take a pic.  Thought I'd share some everyday beauty I've snapped. (A couple are from our New England might be able to tell. Hint: not my view out the window at work)

2013-01-10 11.21.34

2013-01-02 17.45.43

2012-11-15 16.57.27

2012-09-24 17.23.52

2012-09-24 12.15.12

And this next one wins the award for coolest accidentally awesome photo I've ever taken.
2012-12-18 14.24.40

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