Saturday, July 9, 2011

Queen of the Kitchen

There's a new gal in my kitchen.


She's pretty cute.  And loves to do the dishes. 
She has a lot going for her.


My mom got me this cute little brush to scrub dirty dishes. Makes the job much more fun :) 

Bonus:  Reminds me a lot of these gals...

It's a whole lot of fun having little things around your house that make you smile.  
Surround yourself with treasures that you like even if they don't go together--who cares if it's not the way the magazines say you should decorate?

Take it from me, the goof who has hippos and dolled-up dish brushes that help with the washing. 



Sam {} said...

how cute is she?! love it. perhaps bennett needs a king scrubber for all the dishes he's been up to in our house :)

Teri Dufilho said...

well, sallie, i love this!......AND love the reminder in finding JOY in the small things that make you smile.....your momma is so good at knowing what brings joy to others, even something as simple as your cute little kitchen gal (love her hair!).....thanks for sharing!


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